I think that I should start off this post with a fair disclaimer: I am good friends with the writer of this blog, and the blog is fairly new. However, do not let you think that I am trying to fool you into visiting his blog; everything I say here is what I really think about the blog myself, as a blog reviewer and writer.

So, without further disclaiming humdrum, I present to you: Hi.Def.Walls!

First off, if you take a look at the URL on that link, you may have an aneurism trying to take the whole thing in! That is largely my fault, as when suggesting URLs, I noticed nearly all of them were taken. In an attempt to make the URL business easy and practical, I suggest that behemoth, and it worked.

That is not the only thing that worked for this blog; in fact, it is just one of many great features this blog possesses. The blog's background is quite eye-catching, and shows off taste in wallpapers. The format of the posts and blog are both quite simple, as well. There is very little fluff to distract the reader from the big goal: the perfect wallpaper(s).

I think that my favorite is perhaps the Tuesday posts. How can you beat out the gorgeous gals? If you want to see more wallpapers and categories (or just peruse the hottest women the internet has to offer), check out Hi.Def.Walls.

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