Fitness Week: Tom Kurz's Weblog

Welcome to the second post of Fitness Week here on Blogographer! Here is a quick run-down of Fitness Week, as found in my post:

"So how are we going to work this weight off? Well, by exercise and fitness, of course! This week on Blogographer is going to be Fitness Week, and we will be featuring three fitness blogs on Wednesday the 28th, Friday the 30th, and Monday on the second of January."

Today's subject is number two on that list, and that subject is martial arts. Judo, karate, etc., all fit into this particular category, and Tom Kurz loves to write about it. He has been trained in all sorts of physical education and has had some experience himself in the world of peak physical conditioning.

Here is a bit about Tom Kurz:

"Before coming to the U.S.A., I studied physical education at AWF (University School of Physical Education) in Warsaw, one of the top East European institutions that prepare coaches, instructors, teachers of physical education, and rehabilitation specialists.

I chose to study teaching p.e. and sports because I knew some peak performers (not necessarily in competitive sports), had some peak performance experiences myself, and also was interested in the most effective ways of acquiring physical skills.

While still a student, I was appointed an assistant coach of the students’ judo team. As a part of the studies’ requirements, I competed (at the intramural level) in several sports, including swimming, gymnastics, and track and field events. This gave me an understanding of the practical application of the general principles of theory and methodology of sports and physical education."
If martial arts catches your eye at all, then karate-chop and judo-kick your way over to Tom Kurz's Weblog.


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