Videuphoria: Revisited (and Revisited: Revisited!)

Yeah, I bet you guys had forgotten about the Revisited series, huh? Letting it slowly sink away into the abyss of the post archives... Well, perhaps it's high time we revisited the Revisited series! Hopefully, if all goes as planned, you guys will be seeing a lot more of the Revisited series again, especially since the post number has now hit three digits and I am closing in on 400 followers! Thanks to you guys; I could not have done it without you! Well, maybe I could have. The world will never know...

What we do know is that today's Revisited post is on the blog Videuphoria, a blog that attempts to push your YouTube addiction to the edge like a knocked-up crack whore at a cocaine candy shop (can I even say that on here?). Fret not, though, young addict: Videuphoria will continue to intravenously pump video content into your bloodstream, so that you never have to go without!

So, without any further ado (and so that maybe you won't bite my finger off in your weird little videuphoric withdrawals), I present to you a video from the Videuphoria site itself!

If you wanted to 'revisit' some of the old Revisited posts, to see what you are missing out on, or if you are having a bit of Blogographer nostalgia (riiiiight), then here's a neat little list collecting all of them for you, so you don't have to spend countless seconds delving through the archive for them:

Bored Olives: Revisited
  • "The blog, written by the affectionate Stephen Davis, is based on the supposedly true story of two star-crossed lovers (to use the perfect Shakespeare quote for the moment) who, when I first posted, seemed destined to skirt along the edges of passion and love eternally, their fates ever pulling them apart."

Geekologie: Revisited
  •  "So, today I will be revisiting the hilarious blog Geekologie, which isn't exactly a tech blog, but it is a geek blog which features tons of gizmos and gadgets. There's also the occasional gorgeous fashion model for the purpose of... well, why not?! This blog was featured on Blogographer quite a long time ago, and it's time it's brought up again."

SDG Reviews: Revisited
  •  "A while back, I wrote a feature on a blog known then as "Who Wrote This Crap?" (now known as SDG Reviews) by someone who is now a personal blogging acquaintance of mine. From you can see, I really did enjoy his blog overall and the reviews were top-notch (cinematically educational!)."

icycooL's: Revisited
  •  "Almost three months ago, I reviewed a blog that was, at the time, new and upcoming that goes by the name icycooL's. The blog writer, the eponymous icycooL, is a close friend of mine outside of the blogosphere, and when he created his blog, I felt that I definitely needed to let people know about it."

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