Christmas Break, and Fitness Week on Blogographer

Christmas Break

Welcome back, blogographers. I hope you all had a very merry Christmas (or various other holidays, if that is what you celebrated over the break), and that your New Year's is happy. Over these holidays, I am sure all of your ate a good, large meal or two, involving perhaps roast, ham, turkey, sweet potatoes, biscuits, mashed potatos, gravy, and more. Surely many of us will put on a few pounds!

Fitness Week

So how are we going to work this weight off? Well, by exercise and fitness, of course! This week on Blogographer is going to be Fitness Week, and we will be featuring three fitness blogs on Wednesday the 28th, Friday the 30th, and Monday on the second of January.

The first will be the ever-popular Leangains, followed by Tom Kurz's Weblog, and finally Beast Skills. Some of you may recognize Beast Skills from a previous post I made on Blogographer. I am featuring it again as a "Revisted" post, to cap off the Fitness Week. Enjoy!


  1. And not a single blog post about my blog? That just makes me sad

  2. Ya, I most definitely put on a few pounds!