Here is a post for you today, blogographers, of a blog that, in theory, matches that category of "Whatever I Want;" my ever-despised "random" group of blogs that seem to plague the internet. Naturally, I should have passed right over Drunkethics, since it seemed to have no truly specific purpose, but then I caught a glimpse of a chick in some chain-and-plate armor.

Workin' the chainmail!
Boy, do I have to say, that caught my attention.

It is not every day that you run across a genuine, homebrewed armor crafter. It is the internet, and there are people just like that out there, I know; however, I do not often run into them, especially since I tend to stick to my spheres of interest on this big, wide web. Roaming away from my internet comfort zone is... well, it's uncomfortable.

I am definitely not uncomfortable on Drunkethics, though. It is easy to fit right in with the posts, as the blogger seems to have a homey, cozy feel to his writing. While still retaining an air of professionalism and class, he keeps it on a friendly level, with writing more likely to be seen between two best friends in an e-mail rather than on a blog.

He even has some awesome armor sets in the making! His models seem to be a man, and a woman (the author and his girlfriend, perhaps?) with the chain-and-plate armor on, showing off his improvements as compared to the last post. I do not think armor has ever been so interesting to me, haha.

Drunkethics gets the Blogographer Seal of Approval!