Chemistry for All: Revisited

Well, would you look at the time -- time for another Revisited post! Everybody, load up into our blogging time machine, and let us travel into the past to revisit those worthy blogs that deserve another mention. Then, we will come back to our own time, and see how they are now. We will even go into the future, to predict how they will turn out.

The Revisited feature today is all about Chemistry for All, which actually was not "Chemistry for All" back when I reviewed it here on Blogographer. Way back in the yesteryears of July 2011, this particular blog went by the name "Life in General," and though the name has changed, the look and feel have not. After all, why fix something that is not broken, right?

Here is an excerpt from the original post about this blog, on Blogographer:

"While the blog I am featuring today, "Life in General," isn't a perfect match for those looking to jump into science without any previous understanding, it is definitely a pretty good fit for those who already have some knowledge of chemistry and physics from school or personal education."

It is pretty easy to see how the blog has evolved in terms of simplicity from when I last reviewed it. Where the posts were actually a bit difficult to understand at times without some sort of background in natural sciences, there is now easy-to-understand explanations and layman's terms to aid in the process of learning. Looking into the future, I foresee a site that will be a great study tool for any student, or even for those who wish to learn for fun.

Check it out, once more, at Chemistry for All!

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  1. Chemistry for All is awesome, it's not often that I find a blog that picks my brain and gets me to think on a scientific level.